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we don’t buy newspapers

Posted in random thoughts by marco on 30 October 2009

Some young photographers who are content providers are not content consumers.  Which begs the question:

“If you won’t pay to see someone else’s work, why do you expect people to pay to see your work?”  ”How do you expect to make a living as a photojournalist?”  ”Who is your audience?”

from Greg Ceo

I quite agree Greg’s points. I don’t buy many newspaper because I can READ the information online. But if we want to WATCH good pictures, we need to see them printed on a book and buy it or we go to an exhibition (the same as the writers he talks about).
And I don’t even think about jumping at the chance to take a workshop with a “famous” photojournalist (and pay a ridiculous amount of money for it).


twitter power

Posted in web 2.0 by marco on 11 July 2009

ok, see what happened to the number of visits on this blog when I tweeted my post over Demotix (July, 6th):

blogvisitsIt can seem stupid, but I begin understanding the power of Twitter.

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