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virtual iraq

Posted in random thoughts, web 2.0 by marco on 21 November 2009

check Lisa Barnard‘s Virtual Iraq: the video game as therapy.


we don’t buy newspapers

Posted in random thoughts by marco on 30 October 2009

Some young photographers who are content providers are not content consumers.  Which begs the question:

“If you won’t pay to see someone else’s work, why do you expect people to pay to see your work?”  ”How do you expect to make a living as a photojournalist?”  ”Who is your audience?”

from Greg Ceo

I quite agree Greg’s points. I don’t buy many newspaper because I can READ the information online. But if we want to WATCH good pictures, we need to see them printed on a book and buy it or we go to an exhibition (the same as the writers he talks about).
And I don’t even think about jumping at the chance to take a workshop with a “famous” photojournalist (and pay a ridiculous amount of money for it).

italian tv news fakes Samoa tsunami

Posted in random thoughts, web 2.0 by marco on 30 September 2009

(english version below)
Parliamo di “giornalismo”…

Studio Aperto, il “telegiornale” di Italia Uno, ha mandato in onda un servizio sullo tsunami alle Samoa, spacciando per le prime immagini dal luogo del disastro un filmato del 2007  registrato durante la tromba d’aria all’Heineken Jammin’ Festival tenutosi a Mestre, vicino a Venezia.

Potete vedere qui il servizio di Studio Aperto (eventualmente anche su YouTube) e qui lo  “tsunami” mestrino.

Un esempio di ottimo giornalismo direi…


Ok, that’s not about photography, but journalism…

In a feature about the recent tsunami in the Samoa islands,  Studio Aperto, the news of Italia 1 (ehm, a channel owned by the family of our prime minister Berlusconi), used as the  “first images” of the disaster some footage taken during the flooded Heineken Jammin’ Festival held in Mestre, near Venice, in 2007.

You can see the original news here (or on YouTube)and the “tsunami” from Mestre here.

Yeah, great example of journalism!!