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the view

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the shape of the elephant/2

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Update 26th June: download here the pdf with the complete presentation of the installation.

Does the elephant project work? Let’s test it on the wall!



The regeneration process, which will completely transform Elephant and Castle, strongly affects the territory and the landscape. The main focus is the demolishing old buildings and the construction of new, often futuristic, houses, blocks and skyscrapers.

Walking around the area you can see all the steps of this process: empty buildings ready to be knocked down, empty pieces of land, new towers being build and few brand new blocks.

The regeneration is a process of de-construction and re-construction of the landscape.

This body of work explores this concept trying to look at Elephant and Castle with the eyes of the local residents. To many of the people living there, the regeneration appears to be something imposed and that will eliminate many little nice places, such as community gardens or playgrounds, or useful garages without providing new parking spaces. To them, Elephant and Castle is not an ugly and dangerous place as it is known all over London.

Sites with planning permission granted

With my photographs I tried to mirror the regeneration process, consisting of demolition and reconstruction, and I de-constructed the landscape in many pieces of a mosaic and re-constructed the scattered photographs on the wall as to form a bigger image of the Elephant and Castle.

The places I photographed are those indicated in the homepage of the regeneration team. They include both the core of the regeneration (the southern roundabout with the regenerated St. Mary churchyard, and the new 43 storeys Strata tower), and the smaller sites where new houses should have been built to re-house the resident of the Heygate Estate. Some of the new building sites have a planning permission granted, some don’t. The regeneration is always changing its face and everything can happen. For example, the site 50 New Kent Road, where the Oakmayne Plaza should be, has been demolished in 2007 but nothing happened since and after two year is still an empty abandoned piece of land. The planning permission of five housing sites has been granted in the last months of 2008, but the future of the other housing sites is still unknown and the resident are battling to have their voices heard.

the shape of the elephant

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my elephant project seems to be taking a kind of shape. visually I think it is quite pleasing and it explores the territory and the landscape of the ‘regeneration’.


elephant diptych

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elephant panorama

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50 New Kent road … which one?!

construction cityscapes

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cityscapes from the elephant

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first walk around the heygate estate in elephant and castle, london