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critical (report) time

Posted in final project, mapjd by marco on 27 November 2009

I have little more than one day to write the critical report to support my project.


28stories exhibition

Posted in mapjd by marco on 25 November 2009

it is time to show our work!!

so, come to the exhibition at the LCC in Elephant & Castle!!


PRIVATE VIEW Wednesday 9th Dec, 6pm – 10pm

Join David Campbell, Lucy Davies, Ed Kashi and Simon Norfolk in conversation on “The New Ecology of Photojournalism
Followed by drinks reception at 7pm

opening times
10th – 23rd December and 4th – 15th January
Mon to Sat 10am – 5pm

The University of the Arts London is thrilled to announce 28 stories, a group show by graduates of the MA in Photojournalism and Documentary Photography at the London College of Communication (http://www.lcc.arts.ac.uk/).

28 stories includes a poetic exploration of a maverick spaceship designer, a reflection on elderly love, a study of the first female Indian soldiers deployed to the Indian-Pakistan border and numerous other exceptional essays, pieces and stories.

Photographers’ images are printed by leading lab Metro (http://www.metroimaging.co.uk/) and sponsored by Olympus (http://www.olympus.co.uk/).

Photographers: Nelly Akhmetova, Neil Aldridge, Poloumi Basu, Ian Buswell, Briony Campbell, Marcia Chandra, Harry Dutton, Antonio Escalante Loredo, Kirstine Fryd, Charlie Hatch-Barnwell, Rebecca Harley, Michal Honkys, Silvie Koanda, Julian Lass, Kalen Lee, Lao Wellsteed, Siegfried Modola, Marta Moreiras, Julianna Nagy, Freya Najade, Arnau Oriol Sanchez, Marco Pavan, Carolina Reid, Duncan Robertson, Francesco Stelitano,  Valentina Schivardi, Brett van Ort, Sisi Xiong

Approaching a deadline is stressful.

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Approaching a deadline is stressful.


Oh yeah, even for me.

after Jugo finally online!

Posted in final project, mapjd by marco on 22 November 2009

after Jugo“, my new multimedia project, is now online!


check it out at www.afterjugo.com


and leave a comment, I want to hear your feedback!

the view

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after Jugo

Posted in final project, mapjd by marco on 4 October 2009

after Jugo is a multimedia project that documents the life of young people in Sarajevo today. The youth in their twenties form a generation that is in between. They did not fight the war, but they remember it very well. They are not old enough to be obsessed by it, and not young enough to remove it. But now, they are grown and understand that the life in Bosnia is not like everywhere else in Europe. They feel stuck. They feel in a ghetto with no future. Although they still love their country and suffer for it.

living tales after the jugo

I have nine characters, for each one a video interview (click on the image above to see them) and some pictures, mostly informal portraits. To this, I want to give a setting using some photographs of the life in Sarajevo.

The idea is to create an interactive website where the audience can choose what story they want to see and hear.

ivona loves bosnia

Posted in final project, mapjd, random thoughts by marco on 1 October 2009

this interview is the cause of this letter and this post

and it is part of my project that document the life of young Bosnians in Sarajevo today.

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fildzan viska

Posted in final project, mapjd by marco on 13 September 2009
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Posted in final project, mapjd by marco on 11 September 2009

It is time to start editing what I shot in Sarajevo. I have 3 hours of video interviews and the pictures.

It has been a very interesting time and I met many nice and friendly people who introduced me to their life in the city.

This is Hazim, sutudent of journalism at Sarajevo University, in his shared flat.


Off to Sarajevo

Posted in final project, mapjd by marco on 28 July 2009

Tomorrow I am off to Sarajevo. At dawn.

see you there 🙂