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building up

Posted in spring project by marco on 31 March 2009

Click here to see an awful slide of the building up of the big tent. I didn’t even manage how to embed this in the post. Boh.



Posted in spring project by marco on 29 March 2009

Finally, few images taken last week at the circus. Tomorrow I am leaving again to reach them in Kent.



Posted in spring project by marco on 21 March 2009

032_aaa7717-small1Just back from Ramsgate, Kent. Two and a half hours from London Victoria (plus 40 minutes cycling from Hackney, by the way). Beautiful sunny day on the east coast. I almost didn’t see the sea. I went there to meet and see the John Lawson’s Circus. There it is my Easter project! More pics will come soon…

personal view

Posted in random thoughts by marco on 15 March 2009

robertfrank_1“My view is personal”, Frank stated, and with this simple acknowledgment rejected the iron-clad tradition of the American documentary essay.

(Green in American Photography, writing about The Americans by Robert Frank)

photography collectives

Posted in events by marco on 15 March 2009

Last week I went with some mates to a panel discussion at the Photographers’ Gallery: The Collective as a Platform of Visibility. It was interesting to see how photographers can collaborate and work together, in many different ways. There were representatives of five different groups: ANRA (London), Cia de Foto (Sao Paulo, Brazil), Documentography (London), Latitude Photographers (London) and Unseen (Nottingham). All of them were invited at Format festival in Derby, that was taking place the week before.

I actually wanted to see more of the work of those collectives. More pictures.
The amazing way of working of the Brasilian Cia de Foto (three photographers living togherther, working together, always) created this multimedia piece, it is worth having  a look.

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small photo story

Posted in assignment, mapjd by marco on 14 March 2009

Finally, we begin thinking of telling something with pictures. Describing.

Five images related to each other. And a brief text. And some captions. The basics of a photo story.








Posted in random thoughts by marco on 14 March 2009

I regret I threw away many pictures when editing, since I started shooting. I’d like to recover all the bad stuff of the last years and go through it again.
Edit, edit again. Edit in a new way.

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Posted in assignment, mapjd by marco on 13 March 2009

For two weeks we had to discover the ‘wonderful’ world of the posed portraits. Probably the assignment where most people struggled a bit.dscf2793_aaa7457_aaa7176_aaa7188_aaa7335_aaa7316a

street photography

Posted in assignment, mapjd by marco on 12 March 2009

I start redirecting whoever reads this post to a classmate from the master. Thanks Lao. Bits of history are always good. And also looking at nice pictures.
Have a look here.



Posted in assignment, mapjd by marco on 11 March 2009

Capturing a moment between two people doing something together.

I had some fun shooting kickboxers at the KO Gym in Clapton, Hackney.

Always do something you enjoy. Always. (Hopefully.)